A guy’s video posted on social media attracts a lot of viewers.
he did what an author had commented and he did it, first we can see he needed a watercolor ball.
he put water in bubbles and layers of color bubbles and put it on ice and then cut the bubbles out of the extremely dark layers that were in his eyes and that made people more interested in his video.

then he crashed in and pumped different colored liquids.
Today, as the technology grows, the social network sites are also from which more than that, so are the effects of social networks on people’s lives.
IT is covering the world, filling the world and becoming that there should be a strong relationship that supports people.
Machines are modernized, many smart devices are born. Some part of this is the catalyst that changes people’s lives. Smartphones, laptops,etc. are always associated with daily life and activities. Every day people use it, from the smallest simple things like turning on the electric lighting in the family.

A touch of the hand on the smartphone, the work will be automated. The light system will be turned on as you wish. There is no time consuming to find and memorize the switch of the light positions. The work operations are shortened. It’s been simplified.

However, there is a problem that arises: Are people too dependent on technology? What if one day, some technological innovation suddenly disappears?
Living in the digital age, without applying the achievements of inventing that knowledge to life, is a huge loss.
Today, however, people tend to depend on technology. Is this good or bad? Technology reflects the constant creativity and development of people.