The video captures the image of a sprout sprouting on the wing of a house. And the owner of that house began to test and monitor the development growth of that tree. It grows bigger and taller daily, and although it is horizontal, it still usually raises and does not stand.

Many people expressed interest in the strangeness of that tree and need to know what it is and why it can hang on its wings and grow like that. Many people can’t believe their eyes and think that this is a game
The video owner made up the like sentence to create this strange video. Therefore, the video caused a lot of controversy during the time the video was posted.
And they were curious how the tree is now, if it is still alive on that site, or if the house’s owner destroyed it. Strange things always exist around us that sometimes we can hardly believe; those are the miracles life gives us to discover.

And learn many new things. From the unusual growth of the tree, we also realize many things about life, amid challenging and addictive environments, amid contradictions.In the situation of life, we can still live and develop well. And what we need to do is always try, persevere, and never give in to the problem.

Adversity of life, that is something that everyone has to go through in life. Adversity happens no one wants, but in reality it is not unhappiness that is the gift that life has given us.