Johnny Depp ‘doodling’ in courtroom is being questioned by Amber Heard’s legal team.
In the courtroom this week, one of Amber Heard’s lawyer branded Johnny Depp a narcissist for violating the decorum of court by eating candy during the proceedings.

“We’ve seen Mr Depp during this trial doodling and eating candy. What, if any, evidence would that suggest that he has narcissistic traits,” began the lawyer.
Johnny Depp’s attorney was quick to hit back: “Objetion your honour, no foundation”
“I’ll sustain the objection,” responded the judge, rebuffing Heard lawyer’s statement.

Both the attorneys then reached out for a candy right after, making the video viral amongst Depp fans.
“The news media is attacking from this angle too. They say Johnny doodling and eating gummy bears and refusing to look at Amber means he’s mocking her trauma. Of course if he just sat there still and looked right at her they would say it was intimidation,” wrote one fan.

“Eating candy and doodling means narcissism, but flaring up in anger at the idea your movie star husband got you a movie role is not…. sure,” added another.