Bro Played An Outro As He Was Leaving is a TikTok trend that features a person playing the EDM ending song as they leave the room. The meme began in early July 2022 after a viral video from TikToker @nickrobb95 and was recreated by several TikTok users in the following weeks. A variation on this trend is Bro Really Played His Intro which has a similar soundtrack and setting.

On July 6, 2022, TikToker[1] @nickrobb95 posted a Snapchat video with a banner saying “brother played an opening game when he left.” The video shows him packing up his things while an EDM track from the YouTube channel “Trap Nation”[2] plays on a screen behind him in what appears to be a basement. He waved to his friends as the rhythm dropped before leaving the camera’s view. The video accumulated 2.9 million plays and 638,300 likes within 20 days (see below).
Next, a tiktok nick also made the video Played An Outro As He Was Leaving Mcdonald’s and attracted the attention of social networks.

According to the video, after receiving the food from the employee. He had already put down the food, and then had the background music playing while getting his glasses and turning on the prom lights placed in the car. As soon as he entered the chorus, he used hand signals to the staff member to say, “I’m leaving, and will be back soon.”
But what made many people laugh was that the employee also waited for him until he finished. and bye bye guy
The video, after being posted on social networks, has attracted more than millions of views in a short time

The online community also commented:
“She understands the mission ❤️”
“No one will believe her.. no proof doesn’t mean it didn’t happen”
“the funniest thing is, he got stabbed right there and then while driving past, and that’s funny”
“The brother gave it his all, I definitely admit this is the best so far keep it up 🍻🤘🏻🤣”

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