In the clip, it talks about the orange car getting stuck due to the small bearing plate in another car falling off. Why is there such a thing?

I think it’s because the young blue car used to break the gills. He took it to a sticker shop, but a few months later it fell off and fell on the street. He looked for it but couldn’t find it. The orange car was unfortunately caught by the young blue car’s gill plate stuck in the orange car’s tire.He stopped to observe and saw that it was a blue plate, he looked to the right and saw that the car was missing a piece of gills, so he brought it over and installed it in that car.

In this case, make other people ride to note: It is forbidden to throw plastic bottles and garbage on the road to make it easier for vehicles to pass through. Fortunately for him, the orange car stopped suddenly but there was no car behind. In this case, if there is a car behind, there will be an accident.

And road users need to pay attention to their vehicles when participating in traffic to ensure safety for themselves and other road users.