As seen in this video, the girl shared a situation between her and her boyfriend. This girl tried to show her boobs in front of her boyfriend to see his reaction,

and when she started showing her boobs, he stared at her for an awkward moment.

The surprise and dissatisfaction on the girl’s face made the girl only silent and embarrassed. Just smiling and quietly walking in this shyness, she had a bold idea

when taking this step and it also caused netizens to have two controversial opinions.

Some comments said that it was just a test with her boyfriend, if you want to know why he likes her, it will be clear. But other reviews say she shouldn’t do it

in front of him because it’s not appropriate at all.

The video is short but enough to make viewers discuss harshly about this girl’s act of showing off her breasts. Viewers thought it was inappropriate, but there

were also people who thought that she was trying to see how the guy would react when he saw this scene.