The guy interviewed the girl with long hair and a blue shirt and white pants. He asked her if you were single. She described me as she didn’t want to know anyone at the moment. We (Virgo) still have a script or plan that we want to pursue.. As a “perfect” person, even in opposition we have similarities. I didn’t even say my sign. I prove my point to others when they guess and try to say who I am based on a zodiac sign. I don’t ask people directly for their signature, I casually ask when is their birthday, share mine and keep it age right..

then I search the following sort charts. I do this and I’m not a Pisces. I don’t lose interest when they show progress but I feel frustrated and disrespected. So I would tend to proceed with caution. I know I have to stop. so are you based on the Julian or the Gregorian calendar? Or the one in Ethiopia with 13 months? Did you realize that the Gregorian calendar removed 14 days from the Julian month to justify religious holidays and added leap years to follow the lunar cycle. I have said all this to say. You are not a Pisces. This is more common than one realizes.

There are a lot of women who create illusions in their heads comparing them to real men and then get mad when men don’t live up to their illusions. In fact, you say “woman” and not “human”. I guess that makes sense because men don’t necessarily CREATE a fantasy to base their expectations on. Illusions already exist in every face of the world you grew up in. Just because I say women doesn’t mean I exclude men. I talk specifically about women because I date women exclusively. Also what you just did is what many women do too. When men talk about women, many women prefer to defeat a “what about men” point of view instead of listening and acknowledging what he is saying.

So I’m sure there are men who can do this but I’m talking about women. Star signs and astrology and what it means are complete bullshit, horoscopes are like fortune cookies, they can all be related to someone in some way I feel her That’s what you’ll see if you go back in time to middle age. Imagine planning your life based on the stars. Someone might tell you that you were born on a different day and you’re going to go around rationalizing your whole life based on another star sign. If you do, cursed and if you don’t, cursed. Men: Women never know how to take responsibility and know where they are wrong. Woman: specifically why she failed in relationships & these are boys, you will be alone forever.