Imagine you are in love with someone, but have never seen what they look like. One thing is for sure, their love is definitely from the heart, but it would be hard to believe if they also saw the beauty their hearts longed for.
The Rachael Ray program is best known for helping people with vision impairments, especially Stargardt’s disease, see their loved ones for the first time.
With the help of the Toronto eSight company, the talk show has given the gift of eyesight to a small number of people who have been unable to see correctly since childhood. With each visual reveal the show makes, the stories and reactions get better and better.

Brittany Reed was watching Rachael Ray’s show one day when she saw a young couple looking forward to the moment they met for the first time. The man has Stargardt’s disease, a degenerative eye disease that leaves sufferers almost completely blind. They can only see a dimmed version of their peripheral. He wears special glasses and is able to see his wife and son for the first time!

Shocked to learn another person has suffered from the same condition as her boyfriend, Hunter Tribe, and feeling hopeful that there is a revolutionary technology to combat the disease, Brittney wrote a letter for program.

Having dated Hunter for two years, Brittney knew what an amazing experience he would have to meet her for the first time. He hasn’t been able to see for over 17 years.
The program agreed to have a couple from Erath, Louisiana. They provided eSight glasses and everything was perfect. Hunter was speechless when he first saw the people in the audience and his beautiful girlfriend. After a long moment of silence, three short words captured the shock on Hunter’s face: “She looks amazing.”

“She’s gorgeous,” he added as he lovingly looked Brittney in the eye.

Rachael Ray tells the couple that Hunter will keep the $15,000 eSight glasses, which is at least emotional. Of course, the surprises don’t stop there.
After returning from a commercial break, Hunter says he’s starting to “get used to it — using my eyes.” He continued, “Only one thing can make this better… If Brittney becomes my wife.”

Then, just because two life-changing surprises aren’t enough, Hunter tells Brittney they’re getting married in a week, and the Rachael Ray show is doing all the planning and then holding the wedding Marry them!
Now, being able to see their beautiful DRESS every day, Hunter and Brittney are extremely happy.