to figures released on September 19, the film “The Town” by director-actor Ben Affleck has achieved a higher-than-expected revenue of $23.8 million in just the first three days of its release, taking the No. number one in the chart of the most grossing films in North America last weekend.

“The Town” is an action crime film that follows the story of part 1 “Gone Baby Gone” released in 2007, also directed and starred by Oscar-winning film actor Ben Affleck.
The bandit and the hostage suddenly fall in love. But their love brings more dangers than they thought. They themselves and those around them can all lose their lives because of this love.
After his directorial debut Gone Baby Gone was very successful in 2007, star Ben Affleck went on to make a second film, The Town, in 2010. Like the first film, The Town also received many compliments. In addition to Ben Affleck in charge of directing and starring, this work also has the participation of some famous Hollywood faces such as Jeremy Renner, Chris Cooper and two lovely actresses Blake Lively and Rebecca Hall.

The Town is based on the famous novel The Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan. The film revolves around Doug MacRay, a veteran criminal, and also the leader of a group of brutal bank robbers. He always boasted that he could steal anything as easily as he could turn his hand. Without a bond, Doug never had to worry about losing a loved one. However, everything changed in the last mission when the band of robbers decided to capture the beautiful female bank manager Claire as a believer. Doug quickly falls in love and falls for Claire. This passionate love affair suddenly drags the lovers into the whirlpool of many dangers that are coming when an FBI agent is determined to find a way to bring the bandits to prison.

The Town captivates the audience from the very first scenes with a daring bank robbery. The rest of the film doesn’t have many epic action scenes, but the audience can hardly take their eyes off the screen when the pace of the movie is faster, the drama is also pushed up. Viewers will nervously follow each episode, the development of each character and try to figure out what will happen next. All will explode with an unexpected ending.

The Town (Crime Town) is one of the best films of 2010. This work has received many nominations at major film awards, including the Oscar. The intensity, drama and surprise of the film will satisfy any action movie fan.