The girl and two boys in the video wear officer uniforms including bulletproof vests inside and many equipment and guns to protect the police and the people.

The three of them took off their uniforms one by one, eventually all three had one thing in common: doing the same job and they were normal people with nothing to be shy about.

So treat others the same way. I understand you guys have work to do and sometimes it’s not good but don’t treat the next person as if they were the last one you caught.

Sometimes people just have a tough day. A lot of cops do a good job but some of you, the power has gone into your head and you have to point out and not blind your blue hooded brothers who are doing the wrong thing…

Everything is good and bad . There are great cops that will put their lives there on launch day. And then there are those who just want power but you can’t judge them all for a few bad apples.

So show us? Take responsibility for yourself, be responsible for yourself, it’s crazy out there but when you treat us like animals and watch people and criminals

just for walking on the street, we can hardly take it seriously full is human. There are good and bad people in this country and so are the police.

“That qualified exemption can’t be removed. It’s time…”

“It’s too bad you can’t see through dark skin and see a human.”

“Treat us the way you want us to treat you. All respect is not deserved”