In the clip, there are 3 people The couple and the young girl are blind. A white couple and a black husband and wife are sitting in the sun on a pool chair when they see a beautiful girl wearing black sunglasses, wearing a two-piece sunflower dress, holding a cane to guide her because she is blind.

The two were attentively talking when the wife discovered that a blind girl was preparing
to the lake to bathe. The husband stared at her without blinking, the girl folded her cane and dropped it on the ground when the stick came loose. She put the things in her bag down. All of them fell on the floor, she panicked. Calling for help, the black man stood up to help her pick up her things.

She picked up the sunscreen spray and asked him to spray it on her skin,
She took off her sunflower 2-piece top in a bikini with a perfect three-round figure. Then he followed her advice and sprayed her with sunscreen. But
The truth behind that blind girl was that she pretended to be blind to try to please others but did not expect the black man to help her enthusiastically.