Tall Girl is directed by Nzingha Stewart, who previously directed the music videos for Common and Joss Stone, and directed episodes of hit TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Pretty Little Liars.

The film is produced by McG, director of Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation.
According to actor Ava Michelle’s Instagram bio, she is 6 feet 1 inch tall, just like her character Jodi.

If you think you recognize Michelle, is that because she’s also a talented dancer who has appeared on Dance Moms and So You Think You Can Dance?

On Dance Moms, Michelle received much criticism from dance coach Abby Lee Miller for her height.
Tall Girl marks Michelle’s film debut, and director Stewart says she’s the perfect person to play Jodi.

“It was essential for us to find an actor to play our lead role who could articulate the challenges and lessons Jodi went through from a very personal, authentic place,” Stewart said in a statement. casting announcement in January.

“Ava’s ability to beautifully and uniquely showcase those attributes stands out to us in a way that we believe audiences will connect with. Tall Girl demonstrates that embracing the very qualities that make them stand out. you being different is what allows you to get through anything.”
Tall Girl is slashed by critics
Tall Girl has faced backlash for depicting height discrimination as opposed to race or sex, but Stewart told the website Black Girl Nerds “if something doesn’t offend you completely – then it’s not something that’s aimed at you or someone you love – then let it be. A movie doesn’t have to be about you or for you to have artistic value in the world.”

However, the rating for Tall Girl was not positive. The New York Times said it was “unremarkable” and relied on “hacked plot points as Jodi struggles to, hem, stand.”

CinemaBlend said Tall Girl “has nothing new to say.”