In recent days, on social networks, a video has been posted about an autistic brother and his brother’s revelation surprised him. He gave a surprise gift to his brother when on the plate was a chocolate cream cake, some strawberries decorated with chocolate for his brother.

The younger brother was very happy because he gave it to me, not anyone else, even though he has autism, the fruit plate is beautifully and artistically decorated, making viewers amazed.

As we all know, autism in children Autism in children is a disease of the brain, with neurodevelopmental disorders (such as changes in cerebellar structure, frontal lobes, temporal lobes, lack of reticular activation deficit, neurochemical abnormalities) due to the presence of abnormalities dysfunction gene fragment.

Many opinions suggest that genes play a role in the formation and development of children with autism. Unbalanced development of the brain due to certain genes causes brain damage.

Family neglect is also one of the causes of children with autism. The family is a very important factor in the child’s closest environment, all family members interact

with the child daily, stimulating the development of all aspects of the child, especially language and cognitive skills awake know about the child’s environment and

unique needs.

Autism syndrome has many causes and consequences, so it is a disease that adversely affects children’s emotions and behavior. The video made viewers extremely moved by this act of autistic brother:

“He’s the cutest man on earth”

“Wow he’s so talented ❤️❤️”

” Awww my heart. How cute he is 🥰”