The video recorded is a couple’s conversation when she says what she wants and what she doesn’t anticipate is that she may not know what her man is saying.
One’s love for another, which is perhaps the hardest ordeal for each and every one of us. If understanding love in the narrow sense is male-female love, it is first and foremost a matter of the heart.

Couple love is a completely natural human sentiment. Not only are cases of love arising suddenly like lightning, but normally, love is built gradually on the basis of mutual understanding and sympathy.
Start with familiar eyes and smiles, from embarrassment to intimacy. And then I was pitied for it, because the referee, the charming voice, the smile like a daisy, the headscarf like a lotus… all had a role in opening the way to the heart.
So love comes when you don’t know.

Man without love is like the earth without the sun. The passionate love of scientists is to sacrifice strength, time, and even a lifetime to study, invent, create good things, bring happiness to people.
The loving bond between the people they come together by emotion by trust by the view of each individual nation is indispensable of life today.

Small things or jokes in life are also a story that many people care about and aim for, the video has left many comments of many people :
‘She decided to attack pearl harbor and he decided to drop a nukie.’
“You’ve really asked for this by gaslighting him – what the hell does a woman care… That’s weird.

“People need to start paying attention to math class. The more you fuck around, you find out. It’s an increasing slope.”
“”I did something meaningful and didn’t like the consequences. “You did it living with it.”