The video below captures the scene in a court, and as the video says, they think the husband will get a domestic violence order after this incident. From under the chair, a girl rushed over and was very angry; she wanted to attack the judge; she was about to climb on the chair and assault the other judge. Then she was attacked by three people.

The police summed it up and arrested her for her aggressive attitude; the girl, her family, injuries made her less aggressive and disruptive. The video ends to
left people with many unanswerable questions, why the girl had such an attitude, why the other court lady calmly sat there without worrying, avoiding.

And the action of the police against her right or wrong? The questions were unanswered; they wished a video would explain them. This is so they can answer their questions.

Some people shared:
“The judge looks like she’ll rub her across the table if she needs to
Because she doesn’t move.”
“I have a million questions and 0 answers… Did he get her bracelet off the floor?”
“can’t believe they are roughing up young sweet white woman. What has this country come to..”