The video shows the couple waiting at the airport and the girl playing tricks to tease her lover. The girl teasing her lover that she didn’t wear underwear when going to the airport made the guy panic and not believe his ears, so he had to ask his lover again to confirm if it was true.

The boy was embarrassed by the incident, and the girl asked him if he liked it; the boy showed interest but not the time. This. The video quickly went viral on the internet, causing a lot of discussions. They think this is a very normal thing between couples who love each other and said that she would go back to troll her lover like that to see how she would react; besides, someone was annoyed when the girl posted that delicate troll online that It’s a private matter and shouldn’t be taken as a joke like that.

Love is a series of different emotions or states of mind. It all comes from personal feelings and human happiness and joy. Love always goes
accompanied by the need to have, bind and help two people become one.