Reviews and ratings are for ABC-TV’s “Fresh Off the Boat,” which officially premiered on February 10, and as the saying goes, “We have a winner!” TV by the Numbers ran a story titled, “ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ debuts as the season’s #1 new show for seniors 18-49.”

The Hollywood Reporter noted, “After last Wednesday’s strong sampling, which revolved around an episode of “Modern Family,” consecutive episodes of the new series achieved ratings of 1.7 and 1.8 respectively. with adults ages 18-49,” the highest “all other episodes of comedy Tuesday.” Advertisers are known to covet young people who “have money, will spend”.

The show is a comedy about an immigrant family pursuing the American Dream. “It’s the ’90s and Eddie, 12 years old, loves style, just moved to Orlando from D.C.’s Chinatown,” ran the ad on ABC-TV. Can you say Culture Shock? Dave Nguyen also makes a great remark that the Asian-American population “has a great diversity of cultures, languages, and experiences, and we can’t just have one gig to ‘represent’ entire community.” He indicated in an official statement that he approved on behalf of AASuccess: “What unites us with Asian Americans is our experience as a minority community. Some struggle to shape our identity and create our unique voice in America.”

Hung G. Pham notes: “Traditional media has been slow to respond to growing diversity in America, compared with the strong minority presence in online media, like ours. witnessed in the case of Asian Pacific Americans and their quick commanding abilities. of YouTube. What’s particularly disappointing is ABC’s move to have a bunch of shows with a minority because of the main complex characters that are being hailed as audacious and revolutionary in 2015.”

Despite realistically accepting the inherent flaws of TV as both a TV show and a business, interviewees often focused on its potential. Corazon Sandoval Foley, Founding Chair of the Fairfax County Asian American History Project (FCAAHP), commented, “I wanted to see history as accurate as possible, based on the diverse experiences of the American community. of Asian origin. But I understand that the show will be subject to a theatrical license, perhaps exaggerating some of the perceptions about Asian-American families.”

David Hinckley of The New York Daily News wrote: “Constance Wu will be one of the hottest new faces on TV this winter.” He notes that “it’s not just because she creates a character that’s both strong-willed and has a delightful sense of humor in the new ABC sitcom.” It’s also because “there aren’t many lead actresses on primetime television who look like Ngo.”

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