Hundreds of students at American University gathered on Wednesday, November 9 at a campus center where several American flags were burned in protest after Donald Trump won the election. nominate the president.

Protesters gathered at the Mary Graydon Center, where the dining room and classrooms are located, to protest the Republican Election Day victory, using matches and lighters to burn several small US flags. Ky.

“Women should have a right to their own bodies, that Native Americans should have clean water, that police should stop killing black people. That’s what I’m trying to say,” sophomore Isiah Young replied when asked why the flag was burning.
Some cheered as the flag was burned, but others challenged the protesters. Screams and scuffles ensued as protesters tried to snatch the burning flags.

The event was supposedly organized by the Black Students Union of American Universities. On Twitter, the group said that although some of their members were present, it was not their event.

“This event is not a BLM movement and none of the attendees came as BLM members, we came with the intention of making a bold statement,” said second-year student Ciera Jefferies said. “We also come to show love and solidarity to those who feel affected by the election results.”

Jeffries said the event was hosted by a white female student who shared the same views.

Public safety officers and school administrators were on hand to ensure the safety of all participants.
Saira Umar, a second-year theater major at the university, said she came across the scene on her way to class and approached it cautiously.

“I think it’s important for people to express their frustration with the system and I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t necessarily agree with how they’ve addressed that,” she said. “It’s not clear why they’re upset, for most people watching and burning the flag, for many, doesn’t seem to correlate with being upset about Trump’s election.”

Umar said she saw a student running away from the protest in tears.

“As a minority, I am personally really worried about how our county is going to change, as it has been, but more organized ways are needed to ensure that all Americans continue to move towards equality and maintain and gain the rights to which they are entitled,” she said.

Similar protests against Trump’s victory and his campaign rhetoric have taken place in cities across the country including New York, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco and D.C.