The video is a camera that records the journey of a car when another car comes along and they give way to that car.
When in traffic, there will be cars that are prioritized when on the road, and it is this that gives way to drivers when on the road.
We can see that the driver put the car backwards and accidentally stabbed the car behind even though they knew it was so, they still did it and drove the car backwards.

5 types of vehicles are preferred to travel before crossings from any direction to and in the following order: fire fighting vehicles on duty; military vehicles, police vehicles on emergency duty, roads with police vehicles; ambulances on emergency duty;
rescue vehicles, vehicles in charge of disaster recovery, epidemics or vehicles in charge of duty in the state of emergency as prescribed by law and funeral caravans.
Giving in to traffic is a highly human and this action is carried out by many drivers.

The notion of saving a life builds more than seven towers, so the priority cars are always moved the fastest.
So the dump truck can’t turn off the road. was loaded and dirt to soft to take rig off the road with soft ground and rig goes as fast as it was until he got slowed down enough and if you haven’t ever driven a truck with any place between 26,000 lbs up to 80-90 thousand pounds keep your mouth shut about what they should do

It’s the truck. It’s just like if someone hits you and pushes you into another vehicle, your insurance pays for it then must sue the one who hits you to recover it