No sympathy at all. Stay away from the damn road. Your right to object does not limit the freedom of travel of others. Maybe next time they move if history doesn’t repeat itself. If he passes the lights and passes pedestrians and uses the road as intended, you are wrong. These people are obstructing traffic and have no such right. you may not plow through someone else, but to get my family to safety and away from would-be attackers, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate or regret it. I can’t stress this out enough but it’s absolutely not important for the life and safety of my children/family.

what if someone gets sick and needs to go to the hospital, they just sit in that car like stupid idiots blocking the road making people driving on these peanut cans stand in a park. If I’m driving anywhere with my family and the camping trailer and “protesters” scare me for the safety of my kids/family, my car has just become a defensive tool. I will do whatever it takes to get my family to safety, even if it means running through all the people in my way while so many others are trying to smash my car windows. I enter. You play stupid games win stupid prizes. I hope your children stay out of the way after that. I’m sure you’ll be fine if they have the same treatment.

It’s amazing how many people on this chat wish you cared more about the protester than you care about your family You bastards are trying to smash the windows in, does he have to jump come out and say “Come on guys, let’s talk” no but the right to protest doesn’t give people the right to block the road. The right to protest also does not give people the right to roll over their cars in a threatening way like they did here. you can proudly defend yourself and your family with deadly force when necessary and i see no other option for this driver so he did what was necessary, to protect himself and family. If you don’t agree with that then nasty stuff. If you hadn’t assessed the risk in your head then you’d probably have been lucky to live this long in your life, the warning label gave you extra time that you wouldn’t get… the people in the back on the hat trying to stop the car moving forward is amazing!

See now you put up a post like this and we don’t know if it’s real or not? Since there was no on checked the truck driver to make sure he was fine. I was always taught not to step in front of a truck to see if it would stop. It’s very dangerous to protest, we also have to care about protecting our lives and health, why risk standing in front of other people’s cars while they are going like that if the car doesn’t brake in time or they don’t? If you can’t control your emotions, you are the one who suffers, so you shouldn’t do such foolish things at protests.