This driver posted a video sharing about how he saw the policeman standing in the overtaking lane waiting for something and he wondered if that was true or not?

After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention from everyone, there were many opinions after watching the video.

Some opinions from everyone:

“That’s a passing lane not overtaking. So to pass slower moving traffic like hgs tractors etc. You’ll have ample time to see the van.”

He’s probably already spotted you when you’ve pulled out and accelerated, they will see you miles before you see them on a straight road especially when he’s on higher ground than you…..

Also for everyone questioning it’s a single lane carriageway with an overtaking lane so NSL 60mph, there has to be a central reservation that is higher than paint (i.e a curb or a physical central reservation) on the ground for it to be classed as a dual carriage way, painted lines don’t distinguish a single lane from a dual carriage way”

“Just because it’s an overtaking lane doesn’t change the speed limit its for overtaking slow moving traffic vans and such where the speed limit for them is only 50mph”

Take care when overtaking on NSW roads. If you have any doubts, wait until it’s safer. Before overtaking, always check your mirrors and blind spots.

Be careful when overtaking. You need to accurately judge the space you need to pass another vehicle safely. If you have any doubts, wait until it’s safer.

Always give other vehicles enough room to overtake, merge or change lanes.

You must not overtake another vehicle:

across an unbroken dividing line (single or double)

when you do not have a clear view of approaching traffic, for example, before a crest or curve or if you have limited visibility

when a vehicle is stopping or has stopped at a pedestrian crossing, intersection or railway crossing

where a road narrows.