You are referring to the perpetrator or the pursuing officer, as there is such a thing as cause and effect. That’s why he shoots through the windshield to shoot directly when out of the door can shoot then hit civilians really praise this cop. the windshield will beat those bullets and he has no idea where they are going. Yes, they can be sure of the target but there is no guarantee. lack of control, deflection, rounds are going down. Know your goal AND what surpasses it. This is how innocent people are shot. He’s watching too much Bruce Willis crap.

seriously, I’m the policeman doing their job and catching the bad guys. I just have a hard time thinking they teach this in coaching. depends on the State but in NV they are allowed to shoot from moving vehicles if there is a death threat. These guys had killed people before and fired 30 bullets during the chase. Depends on the ring type. 9mm is my assumption, and if so, the ball will deform less than hollow points, but he is probably using HP instead of FMJ. The safety glass on the front of a car can significantly affect accuracy, but not as much as bouncing around in a moving vehicle.

I haven’t verified it yet, but heard the truck fired more than 30 rounds at or near a group of people. If so, the risk of accidentally hitting a bystander when trying to avoid injury is justifiable in stopping a gunman with the intent to kill bystanders. There’s a reason different states and jurisdictions have different laws, each debated and considered by local representatives. It is doubtful that he took this action while not knowing about these laws; In short, it doesn’t matter what we think, just what local law allows in this situation. Why did he start shooting through the windshield? We really let anyone become a cop, don’t we… The fact that you can become a cop without a college degree is a big deal.

America is one of the world’s most stupid first countries.. sad but true. We know the truth. Those are your birth certificates, they are a contract that converts you from a man/woman, to a legal ‘person’. That is what gives authority to dead corporate entities to you despite the fact that it is a maximum law that the dead cannot rule the living. No innocent bystanders have been beaten or killed. There are TWO career criminals in the vehicle being chased. They are wanted for murder. The criminals were fired at the police chase 34 times. The police arrested the criminal because the policeman shot the criminal driver ending the car chase. Random police shooting gun can kill anyone on the road. Furthermore shooting through the windshield is unsafe and causes damage to purchased government property. This office needs to be arrested for unsafe use of weapons, destruction of taxpayer/government property and danger to citizens.