Sig Sauer is starting to produce two new generation weapons. These are the XM5 rifle (replacing the M4A1 gun) and the XM250 light machine gun (replacing the M249). Both will use 6.8mm ammunition and fire control systems.

“Both weapons have significant improvements in accuracy, range, and overall damage. They are lighter, fire more lethal ammunition, reduce recoil and improve barrel performance,” the US Army said.

$20.4 million for both firearms and ammunition, and the contract also includes accessories, spare parts, and “contractor assistance.” but then many battles took

place in a narrow area, most of the gunfights occurred at a distance of less than 200m, so the US military wanted a more compact gun than the M16 but fired

quickly, fired continuously, and the relatively high accuracy M4 carbine was born, but the M4 often jams bullets, the mode of firing 3 shots at a time is too slow…

Therefore, the M4A1 version was born with almost unchanged parameters in terms of rpm. but rarely jams bullets, has an automatic rate of fire of 800 rounds/minute, instead of series 3.

The M249 light machine gun was introduced in 1984 after being judged effective among competing guns to solve the problem of lack of automatic fire in platoons.

The M249 has the high flame rate of a gun as well as the accuracy and mobility of a rifle. The M249 barrel can be changed quickly during continuous fire, overheating or jamming.

The gun has a 2-pin (foldable) stand mounted near the top of the barrel, but an M192 kickstand can still be attached. The M249 can use either a STANAG or a magazine (like the M16 and M4), allowing soldiers to use the rifle’s magazine when it runs out of ammunition.