A video that was recently posted has attracted a lot of interest and people sharing.In the video, a senior man recounted the guard of the respected and admired kings. The moment the guards walked inside, they were mourning how lovely and sweet the boy was.

King’s Guard and King’s Life Guard (known as Queen’s Guard and Queen’s Life Guard when the kingdom was reigning as a woman) were the contingents of infantrymen and cavalrymen responsible for protecting the royal official residence in the United Kingdom. The king’s guard is the infantry reserve, while the king’s guard is the cavalry.

The King’s Guard is usually deployed by one of the five British Army guard regiments, while the King’s Lifeguard is usually provided by the Guard Cavalry Regiment. These regiments have been responsible for protecting the sovereign residence since the reign of King Charles II.
Since the 20th century, several other British Army units, Royal Air Force units, Royal Navy units and military units from other Commonwealth countries have been invited to form the King’s Guard.

Some people who have left comments find it interesting that:
“Make that young man’s day. He’ll remember that for a long time. “
“Great king guard now but I feel like it!”
“You know the moment the guardsmen walk inside, they’re grumbling about how lovely and sweet that boy is. I know I am me!”