Amber Heard once accused Johnny Depp of bruising her eyes in 2015.Coincidentally, two days ago you had to show up to interview James Corden. Although her makeup stylist said there was no sign of injury on Heard’s face.
Stylist Samantha McMillen said she spent a lot of time with Amber that day because she had to appear on The Late Show with James Corden. She said she could clearly see there was no trace of Amber.

Depp was accused of violence against Amber while arguing in a penthouse in Los Angeles. The star is suing The Sun because of an article published by them describing him as a ‘spanker’.
McMillen said, however, that she had a good view of Amber in good light without makeup. She said she ‘could clearly see that Miss Heard did not have any marks, bruises, cuts or wounds’ on any part of her body. The stylist further stated that after Amber appeared on the show, she said, ‘Can you believe I just showed the show with two black eyes?’

McMillen explained that Heard was unharmed throughout the day and at that time. Samantha has been Depp’s stylist since 2002. She was also Heard’s stylist during their relationship. McMillen revealed later that she knew Heard had denounced Depp for abusing her the night before, December 15, 2015.

The stylist also revealed that when she left Heard’s company, she overheard Amber telling her friend, Raquel Pennington, to make sure that the photos would be put on her computer. Amber’s friends were also with her on the show. McMillen explained that she didn’t know what photos she was talking about.