Amber Heard admitted to beating Johnny Depp in court but for the purpose of protecting herself and her sister.
Amber Heard returned to the court in Fairfax on May 5 to continue testimony in the case for defamation of Johnny Depp, according to NBC News.
The actress told me about her first fight against her ex-husband. According to Heard, the incident took place in Los Angeles (USA) a few weeks after their argument in Australia (2015). She suspected Depp of having an affair when she found out he was going to another woman’s house. “I immediately asked him about it. I don’t care in that moment he could kill me, “Heard said.

After getting angry, scolding Johnny Depp, Amber Heard ran to the next room to see her sister. The driver chased her, leading her to scramble with her two sisters on the stairs of the house.

Heard said he had swung his hand toward his ex-husband when he saw that he was going to hit her sister. “In my relationship with Johnny Depp, until that moment, I never hit him. It was the first time. I hit him in the face… Johnny looked amazed and laughed at me. Then he hit me again, ”the actress testified to the judge and jury.

Before that, she said that she had resisted when she was assaulted by her husband but only stopped at the level of support, arms and legs.
In the trial, Amber Heard tells more about her husband’s beatings. She wept as she recalled the scramble between the two in March 2015 in Australia. “I don’t believe I have to tell this again,” Heard choked.