After a cosmetics company released a statement refuting her claims, Amber Heard provided the jury with daily instructions on her makeup routine after being allegedly bruised when fight Johnny Depp.
“This is what I am talking about as a colorist,” said Heard, holding up a four-color makeup palette to the judges. “This is obviously not the exact one I used to carry, but I usually carry it with me at all times.”
As the trial began, Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, identified the brand in question as Milani’s All-in-One Concealer + Perfect Corrector. The company that makes it, Milani Cosmetics, took to TikTok last month to clarify that the product was released in December 2017.

The couple’s brief and turbulent relationship lasted from 2014 to 2016, when their divorce proceedings began.

On Monday, Heard did not specify the exact brand of makeup she uses, but she did describe her routine in detail. It is said that she will start by washing her face, using tinted moisturizer and applying sunscreen. Then, she says, she’ll move on to a set of three or four colors.
Heard told the jury, “So the first day of the bruise, […]the red color is what comes immediately,” Heard told the jury. “So you want to go in the opposite direction on the color wheel by dotting a bit of green or something to counter the red. After a day or two, you become more pale and bruised. So obviously you have to use more red or orange tones here.”

Heard describes day two as “the hardest” because the bruise will be the most blue and purple—and the most “sensitive.”

Heard says: ‘Bruises don’t like to be touched. “That’s the whole point.”

When asked by his lawyer why he filed for divorce, Heard replied: “I knew if I hadn’t, I might not have literally survived.”
Throughout Heard’s testimony, she repeatedly said that Depp made her fear for her life. She also emphasized that she did not choose to publicize the rift in her marriage.

In December 2018, Heard wrote an editorial in the Washington Post describing himself as a domestic violence survivor. Although the editorial did not mention him by name, Depp sued Heard early the following year, arguing that the implication was obvious. Heard objected to Depp’s lawyers describing her allegations as a “hoax”.

In a tape played to the jury, Heard urged Depp to drop what she described as a smear campaign. She told Depp that she had years of photography documenting her abuse allegations that she said had no innocent explanation. Heard told Depp that no one would believe that she secretly joined a “fight club” or that she had been taking pictures of herself for years in a plot to trap him.
Their divorce agreement included a joint statement.

The statement read: “Our relationship is passionate and at times unstable, but always bound by love. “Neither side made false accusations for financial gain. Never intended to harm physically or mentally. Amber wishes Johnny all the best in the future.”

Heard described those remarks as testament to what she had long argued: “That’s what I was called at the time: a gold digger and a liar.”

The settlement includes a $7 million settlement, which she has committed to two charities: the American Civil Liberties Union and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She claims she did this because: “I don’t care about money.”

Previous testimony shows that she paid only a small portion of her donations, mainly through third parties like billionaire Elon Musk who donated on her behalf. She insisted before the witness that this was because Depp’s lawsuit had cost her legal costs and she said she intended to pay that amount. She also stated that she wanted Depp not to participate in the Post’s editorial in his defense, but emails given to the jury earlier in the trial show that the commentary was covered by ACLU officers. strict protection. A co-author said in an email that the editorial had been “disabled”.