Men are children who never grow up. That’s why model toys always have a place in the bookshelf or the desk of the gentlemen, no matter how successful they are.

Though grown up but deep inside, these men are still just innocent and playful children.
Recently, a video made the online community laugh, and it was correct to think about these things. Men are big kids who never get bigger. Because he was fighting with toys in his house.
According to the video, the wife went to work and asked the husband to look after the house, but instead of the wife cleaning the house, taking care of the children, and taking care of the trees or doing his own hobbies. Then my husband came up with a fake fighting game with toys in his house.

Not only did he imagine an invasion in the house, his wife was the commander and his husband was a soldier, then he installed a gun, crawled inside the house to find the invaders, through two or three rooms could not detect any strangers.
But when he stopped in the kitchen, he discovered a chipcip:D horde.

Then he killed all the sweet invaders with his homemade gun, and finally reported to the commander of his wife that he had completed the task.
After watching the video, many men also funnyly confirmed that at home they also played such games to release stress.
With most men, they can change their appearance, mature over time. But deep down in his nature, he was still just a boy.

Men can be bigger and more mature than women, but in terms of maturity, they are beautiful. Quite frankly, a man is no different from a big kid.
Behind the complete clothes, the tall, shattered body of the boys was a boy who didn’t know when to grow up.