The video captured the images of the passengers on the train, and they saw the image of the bat plane passing by, and they had it all turned around, thinking it was one of the military planes.
The formerly known as the Axis aircraft, was a combat aircraft in the air force, designed with the primary purpose of fighting the enemy’s air forces. The main mission of the fighter jet is to:

Fighting to destroy the enemy’s bombers, fighter jets and missiles to safely protect the ground and sea targets of its forces from attacks by the enemy air force.
Fight against enemy jets to protect its bombers, fighter jets, transport planes and other air forces.
Contribute with other air forces to deploy on a wide scale measures to fight with the air defences and the enemy’s air force to seize the hegemony of the air, control the airspace to ensure air security for the soldiers of their armies fighting in the war zone.

Because of the aerial characteristics, fighter jets are different from other types of military aircraft such as bombers, fighter jets, detectors, transport aircraft in small size; high speed; good maneuverability: easy to change flight parameters (velocity, altitude, flight direction); easy to manipulate and equipped with non-combat weapons, especially radar, information – command – guidance system, machine guns, artillery and missiles with air-to-air control to effectively fight the enemy air force.

Since the Second World War, fighter jets have become an important part of the decision to defeat most modern wars, especially “conventional” wars. Today the armies of nations around the world have spent huge funds to study the construction and maintenance of modern fighter jets to maintain their nation’s air defense and attack capabilities.