Recently, a video after being posted has attracted and caused a stir in the online community in the past few days.In one video, we see the beach and the aggressive behavior of a young girl. The young girl in a bikini stood on the beach and argued fiercely.

There’s a lot of beach and tourism around there, she voiced her opinion and asserted that what she said and what she did was right.
She did nothing wrong, condition and win a bunch from these two prosecutors in practice training and if they are allowed to actually become police I am sorry for the community that they will be bait

It’s funny when a “karen” (white woman) is caught in a 10 second video, the commenter will say “what did she do?” .
It’s amazing how people draw conclusions without all the evidence. Statistical weirdness when you consider who commits most crimes not in proportion to race? And you wonder why people ask this? Or is it just a normal reaction based on reality?

Some controversial comments:
“No one, not even that young woman, is under ANY obligation to identify themselves in law enforcement.”
“She’s 17 and they think she’s got alcohol on the beach. Vandalism warning she sues.”
“Teaching her respect… this girl reminds me of my 4-year-old sister except you’re about to get hit, not you’re about to be dropped”