Recently,a transformative video of a girl has caused the online community to be reluctant about the girl’s body,which has caused a lot of controversy.
In the video she has a very personal and strong body, her hair is shoulder-length and her lips are very cool and sexy. She said, “I don’t date Korean guys, they all look very feminine.”

She pinched her eyebrows and shook her head and then raised her head, and it turned into a masculine man, and the six-pronged body was as winding and huge as the weightlifters and had a tattoo on the left side of her shoulder.

The faces of all of you are turning blue, shaking your heads. How much enthusiasm for him to get there and possess perfect skin at the same time is amazing.
He is Asian and the proportion of their faces and facial hairs is much less than that of other peoples and makes us almost impossible to be masculine by your standards.

Really thought it was a girl, purely because he was so pretty and so soft-faced, usually for a guy. Then I saw Adam’s apple and then his shirtlessness, he looked like an Anime cartoon character, but in real life with perfect face and jaw, mystical appearance and muscles.
He is a very attractive man and should be proud of how he looks even if he is mistaken for a girl, just means he has a beautiful angelic face not all men are.
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