In the current wave, people are talking a lot about insensitivity, in the press, on social networks, it is also easy to read criminal news, reflections on a certain poor behavior.. However, amidst the noise of the bad, it must be affirmed that the good is still the main thing.
The beauty and the good still exist silently around us.

Today, life is bustling with diversity in culture, behavior … surely many people have encountered people, whose behavior is not good, and then copied “society is good and bad, confused, can’t trust anyone.” It’s also not natural that people doubt. Because sometimes fakeness still exists in life and sometimes, many cases are overwhelming, making it difficult for us recognize the good.

The video that is being spread on social networks has recently attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, and many people feel warm and happy because of his actions man with little girl. In the video, the little girl is standing on the street waiting for her mother and unfortunately behind her, there is toilet paper stuck there, the man with a small child passing by saw that. ran over and helped her out and asked why she was here alone, after a while her mother came over and thanked him. Just being able to see his small actions can tell show his love for people, especially children.

In fact, kindness is sometimes just very small gestures and words of encouragement, sometimes only fleeting, making it difficult for us to realize, it is the help that can be very small, but it is enough to make us feel better. Humanity is always connected.