The video shared an image of a policeman working with a man, he was sitting in his car and the reason he was stopped was because he had a child in the car.
child, but there are no child seats. He replied that he had no children and there were no children in the car, the police asked him if he really was and pointed
toward the wife who was sitting in the passenger seat. On this side, the wife immediately brought out a pregnancy test and informed him that she was going to have another member, he was very happy about this.

And it seems that this situation was caused by his wife asking for help from the police to surprise him.
Perhaps after hearing this news he will quickly buy a child seat for his car.

When you own a car, you often bring family members including even small children. Keeping children safe when traveling by car is a big concern of many parents.
Because there is no seat with a separate seat belt for children in the car, choosing a child safety seat is necessary but also very difficult.
You can spend a lot of money to buy a modern safety car, so invest in a safe seat for your child.

When the impact occurs, even if you hold the baby in your lap, the strength and impact will be much greater, you cannot hold the baby tightly.
Baby sitting on parents’ lap or sitting in an existing car seat of the car is not safe enough.
Children need their own specially designed car seat to stay safe. If the child is not seated in a dedicated seat, it is completely possible to be thrown in the car, even fall out and will serious injury or even death.