In the clip, a white traffic policeman strangles a black boy. When looking at the clip, we all don’t know the reason for it, but as a policeman, we shouldn’t act like that. Maybe he’s racist against a black boy, it’s called police brutality.

You can ignore its existence as you like so you can “leave it to the book lovers”, but this individual is supposed to represent the law. He has no right to chubby a kid who doesn’t do anything against it. His emotions have crushed him, and he needs to learn to control it. It doesn’t matter, US police duty is a joke, handing over guns to any egotistical sociopath who wants a gun. Imagine a job so ignorant that calls for these people to just take it and make no noise when they face police brutality.

The policeman is twice the size and weight of that child. “Those community people” have been carefully designed to stay at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, you can’t blame them as a group or for individual processing interactions, regardless of the scope. vi is supposed to be dealing with major crime. By the way, pressing on the main artery in the neck can easily kill someone in a matter of seconds. why do people like you say these people code for N but also seem to believe or pretend that the police only do the right things when telling such people as you say .