Recently, a video after being posted has attracted and caused a stir in the online community in recent days.The video was recorded by a young man. In the video, a man dressed in black and covered with glasses in his hand holding a black umbrella held an iron and smashed the door glass at a store.

He definitely banged on the glass without fear of anything. Then a black man wearing the pink shirt stopped him and followed the man.
The looting started in the target across the street by a group of young men. Facebook they survived. And somehow that video has mysteriously disappeared.

Saw a dark brown guy (black guy) and a light brown guy (white guy) trying to stop the glass smasher. Gentle with the color difference trying to turn it into a black and white mentality, it’s not that racism needs to end.

The video after being posted caused a lot of controversy, some people commented:
“Where’s the proof, it’s a white person and what’s involved?”
“Want to have a question how do you know if it’s a white person or not that’s what I want to know”
“The world knows that it’s up to the police to fight for individuality and success”