The video captures the image of two boys walking in the forest when suddenly a snake bit them, but they don’t know where it is. They suspect the snake is in the song the other rotten wood should look in but see nothing, they continued to poke a small piece of dry wood inside but still did not see any movement. Then they put up the wood and beat it.

Force it down to break, but still nothing; they try to slam it again and see a cog crawling out. Then they run away; they try to find out what this is what kind of snake to find the corresponding poison to rescue him. The video is of great interest and controversy; they think that after a snake bites him, he should get first aid in time so that the poison does not spread and cause more danger.

The act of poking it again is hazardous because it can harm them a second time, and according to research Research suggests that insect bites or snake bites are different but still use the same drug to treat them.

Some suggested that:
“As far as I know, all vipers in North America use the same repellent. Unless you have to confirm it’s not a coral snake.
The Bit you, a copper snake, a rattlesnake, and a cotton mouth all use the same antibiotic. The coral snakes are very different in their coloring, and there’s no way they can be confused with a cobra if you look at it. So as long as they confirm it’s a venomous snake but not a
coral snake, there’s no point in this. Anyway, I’m no expert; feel free to do your research and correct me if
I have nothing wrong. We have a lot of snakes, so I try to stay informed.”
“A dry bite or the burning pain cripple you like I am. It hurts; it’ll take you out of the pain. I don’t even
went to the doctor with me, but it messed me up for eight weeks before it healed!”