The video is a picture of a person doing a parachute jump and it’s a girl in her who doesn’t have the fear and the joy of it.
Parachuting is the action sport consisting of jumping out of a plane or other flying instrument in the air and falling back to Earth with the help of gravity while using a parachute to slow down the movement of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag,
or in the case of air-dependent tempering, aerodynamic lifting.

The parachute jump begins with a free fall for a certain time after leaving the plane or balloon, the speed of the fall increases steadily and the parachute jumper expands at a certain height above the ground.
Parachuting can help you create a refreshing sensation of being high above with a different climate and being able to see the vast image of nature and that makes parachuting enthusiasts even more fond of.
As science and technology grows, in addition to improving the quality of human life, people also face more and more dangers.

The quality of human life is increasing: many health care and beauty equipment at home; automatic or remote control electrical equipment; modern household items such as rice cookers, electric stoves, vacuum cleaners (controlled or automatic); .. make human life more comfortable.
That’s why as life gets higher and higher, people get closer and closer to modernity with many new things or things of life.
Thanks to the inventions and inventions of many types of modern machinery and equipment, people in the manufacturing industries are shifted from physical labor to cultural labor and have technical sciences.

The strong development of the Science and Technology Revolution requires employees to be trained and self-trained, constantly improving their cultural level, professional skills and technology level.
Labor resources with high levels of technical science and professional skills are the most important and decisive factors for the development of the knowledge economy of countries.