In the video, a man and a dog are facing each other, the dog growling and getting angry when the man tries to trim its toenails, then growls and starts to act.

Act like it’s the owner. Right after that, he tells it who really is the owner of the place and that the dog is just a human pet, not the owner of the place.

It is a sign that your dog believes he is the ruler, as prolonged eye contact is considered a threat in the canine world. You can tell if your dog considers you an

alpha if he stops making eye contact and looks away before you can.

In doing so, he shows that he respects you as the alpha team leader. Your dog growls at you if you approach his toy or food. … The fact that your dog is trying to control you – by keeping you away from his possessions – is one of the keys to knowing that your dog thinks they are alpha.

Your dog stares into your eyes and doesn’t look away. Position and posture are an important part of dominant behavior. Standing on a dog is a show of dominance.

When dogs confront each other, they try to get ahead of each other by holding their heads high and standing on their hind legs. They also look for heights, like chairs or tables.

Dogs don’t think of their humans as “alpha packs”. First of all, dogs are not true pack animals like wolves. They have a dominance hierarchy, but that doesn’t make them overcrowded with animals.

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone actually do something stupid and get away with it but I guess my God the props are stupid”

“You have to let the dog know who is the Alpha and who is responsible”