The video below captures the image of a man in the woods with his dog and a mountain bike. He tied the dog’s rope to his head. He bikes and climbs on the bike to prepare for his bike race. The dog will run first, and he will follow.

Many people expressed interest in this video and You can see the dog’s excitement. It must be a very fighting and intelligent dog. Many people are curious to know their subsequent development and hope he can film more of the dog so they can follow them more. Netizens give a lot of love and attention to the dog .

Besides, some people are worried about this incident; they think that he tied the rope like that is dangerous and could hurt him or the dog. Injured. Some netizens shared:
“Did anyone get into the car and stop breathing… The anticipation!!! Hahaha”

“Did anyone else notice so many giants that flew out of the puppy’s mouth when he shot it? He was so excited; he was drooling in anticipation wait.”
“Belgian Malinois, what a dog. There must be the right person.”