They say you should dance as if no one is watching – an advice this American motorcyclist seems to live up to.

A hilarious video shot by another driver captured the cyclist doing body-popping moves while waiting for a red light.

Despite all the cars and spectators lined up around him, he didn’t hesitate to make a few moves to a mysterious song playing on his headphones.
While continuing to hold his bike upright – while wearing his backpack and motorcycle helmet – he began to ‘unleash’ the muscles in his arms and neck.
As the routine continued, he received more and more bewildered and bewildered looks from the drivers around.

The motorcyclist and his passengers, who filmed the moment, also had to try to contain their amusement as they waited for the lights behind the motorcyclist.

Amidst laughter, the driver said: ‘Look! Bicycle pop lock.

‘What is the man doing? This is all happening on YouTube!

‘What is he listening to? He must be listening to something. People were looking at him, like: ‘What are you doing?’