The video below captures a vast field of grass; a guy is remote control of his machine and starts to accelerate and start the car. By the rear wheel. In front of him seems to be a bunch of friends doing crazy things with him. Are they trying to do strange things to show themselves off?

Close and re-post the video to get a like. Viewers feel uncomfortable watching videos like this; it affects the vieweviewer’shology a lot, especially young children and teenagers. They are young and curious like to take risks, and often learn from online videos. Many consequences occur.

It’s something no one wants. Please make more positive and better videos to build a developed, civilized community, avoid the evils of society, and promote
it. This is a scene where no people pass by, so it can still be accepted more quickly; many people even wriggle around, loading cars while participating in traffic.
Traffic on busy roads leads to many tragic accidents.

Not only do they injure others, but they also have to bear the consequences themselves. Which is self-inflicted.