Recently,a post-published video caught the interest of and sparked fierce controversy over the man’s actions.In the video a group of people who had been surrounded in their arms with sticks held a young man back and took the mjkaf backpack he was wearing,they searched the street and checked the inside of his bag.

Maybe because your freaks are being aggressive, and taking his bag, and threatening him with sticks, and asking him where he lives.You know, just to get me back on the road. You’re all fucking scanties. And HE’S even got NOTHING. That girl’s talking really hard.

Couldn’t speak a word of English. They seem to be crossing that line. Searching his stuff, their people look like they don’t have that element, and that guy could sue them for illegal searches, etc., something’s wrong, more than what we’re seeing here.

None of them are cops… Always be prepared to defend yourself, especially when cra and zy don’t know the rules . Too bad, he’s unarmed, this is gonna be very different .. I’ll still call the police on them for a lot of violations of this man’s constitutional rights.
They’ll have to be curious about that backpack in my cold dead body. The tough guy with the stick better be valuable because he’s got one shot.
Some tough arguments: