In the clip, the group of officers beat a 19-year-old boy. They think they can do whatever they want. They will kill you and then the same thing. he was fighting you expect them to do maybe he should think before breaking the law. Where did he fight back, you are part of the problem, you must have these types of people in your family and friends, weird circle. he’s a kid screaming for his dad he’s not resisting, just trying to get his dad out, wouldn’t be if his parents were out there, he’s friends, watch him fight back to the officer and yes, if he keeps doing what he did face the truth what he did made him worse, that’s the fault.

he was on the ground 3 against 1 just banging on the door to pick up his dad.. it’s not like he was fighting with them i saw a clear video of this and it’s old the cops just want to beat up one something that his skinny self doesn’t do any harm. he really isn’t but they like to say it on camera so they can get away with stuff like that woman kicking him while he’s collapsing. the kick is because he is shouting at Dad, he is not protesting why others are acting so blind to the abuse of COPS, he is fucking on the ground, they don’t want him screaming for my Father.

The reason is that he constantly resists arrest and runs away from the police and screams like a mad demon at the top of his lungs late at night and the police have no idea what kind of danger he is to himself. themselves, themselves or others. Dating a black man, I have realized that 99% of the police are racist guys. Because how come my bd (a white man) beat me and kidnapped me, then stalked me after I called the police for help, was free on the street but my man (a man) black) is in control by the police doing nothing about it and is serving 10. even when they are not in the house. You don’t know if his father passed away. Some people come here and say some of the dumbest things.

No, she had no right to kick him, he clearly stated that I was on the ground. I’m all about the police doing their job. But this is a case of police brutality. the problem is they keep killing our young men, he was scared for his life, he reacted out of fear. How sad that we have to teach our son to go to an inhabited place if he contacts the police for his safety! We also teach him not to get into a bad situation but to know what to do if you are and that is to LIVE. oh hate this video 3 years ago when it came out. Sadly the kid has a history of drugs and if I remember that the old side has a history of weapons.

He decided to drive home, running to his door rather than stopping when told to do so. Sad results. I think it was a traffic stop that ended badly. let me close the door fast, he’s a teenager so the car doesn’t have his name them, also the kids that were cramming on the door they could clearly see he was unarmed, but he was black so that’s why you guys have no compassion. This action of the officer is too wrong to immediately fire people like this. Working without responsibility, why am I an officer but my accomplices beat a 19-year-old child.×1