Do you believe in spiritual stories, half-true ghost stories, half-false, and foretelling of the future through actions and specific events? Or the prediction of others before the situation occurs. A short video was posted about the scene of traveling on the road, and suddenly a clip of birds descended after the cars used the red light.

Focus on a car and a scene video that says: “Did you know that birds parked on your car when the light is red, it means death is coming.” It is a wrong forecast that can happen in the future, many people are concerned about this issue, and it is controversial. Many people think this is an action aimless and untrue. birds often fly in flocks, and they can land on any vehicle; on the other hand, there are a few comments that this is a The bad news could happen because they’ve been through the same thing; maybe it’s a coincidence or a foretaste of nature. Either way. Then we must be careful in every situation so unexpected things can’t happen. Or prepare a sound mind before any situation

Some suggested that:”This happened to me; many of these birds landed all over my house; I was in my car on the driveway for two days, then my dog passed away. I heard.

That means the death could be financial, mental, or someone from the family or a sick pet.”
“It’s believed in my country. One day a wild bird flew right into my house. We petted and played with her in our arms and did all but her.
No movement. Then that day, our uncle passed away from a severe traffic accident. That’s why birds scare me.”
“The birds know in advance that the car has a lot of insects, like a scene from the movie bee.”