Recently a video after being published attracted and did not come out of the blue about the pup’s actions.
No matter how many moving stories there are that dogs understand their owners’ emotions, they are not scientifically valid. So this is still a controversial issue for scientists in particular and dog lovers in general.

In a video of a woman in a yellow shirt, she was probably about 30 years old sitting in a room and using her phone and calling to talk with friends very passionately and when she heard the name of her friends , the dog on whose bed the yellow dog had a very lovely action and reaction.
The dog had been lying on her side and his ears were rattling and he glanced back and forth so that he could hear her conversation.It had the act of raising its head towards hers, its stupid and very sudden face when he heard what she was saying about her conversation.

I like to react to him when you tell him the name of his friends and his treatment. I like the way some people say animals don’t understand, because sorry for ME, he certainly KNOWS what you’re talking about, like my hairy baby. They’re smart and they understand.

These scientists have found that dogs can analyze the auditory and visual information that they receive when interacting with people and other individuals, even this lovely animal is capable of distinguishing between what is a negative emotional state, and what is a positive emotional state.