The man and his daughter went to the supermarket, but it is worth mentioning that he is deaf, his voice is average, so he cannot hear what is going on around him.

So his little daughter translated for him for the first time, putting her hand to her face and pretending to be crying. Then he rephrased it with body language, hands

pulled down as if crying.

This action is because the baby drops the things he is holding, so he gesturing while crying, he wants his father to understand that he has just dropped the things

in his hand on the floor and his father points to his eyes. cried and her father understood.

The video makes viewers feel very much in love with this little girl, this little girl is a wonderful girl, she described to her father and son looking very cute. Some

netizens commented:

“My heart🥺🥺 she’s so sweet. She already has a beautiful heart and soul”

“She’s so cute and smart 😍”

“Touched, thanks”