What is love?Love is a series of different emotions or psychological states. It all comes from personal feelings and human happiness and joy. Love is always accompanied by the need to want to acquire, the bond and help you become one.
Modern life makes love even more complicated. Love, in its various forms, is the driving force behind the expression of the most emotional states.

Nowadays, young people have a lot of ways to express their love for their opponents. Mylove is an adventure of couples, lovers, or FA wants to express their love for their opponents.In the video, a couple showed their love by making my love statue to prove their love for each other.

Before he used the white powder to stick his hands in to be able to shape what they wanted to create,he put his hands in a lot of water to be able to remove it easily,then the girl’s hand,they were trying to make a picture of the future of their hearts moving their hands together.

This way of making symbols has a special meaning and is also considered as a memory of them for each other so that every time they are depressed about each other when looking at the frustration created by themselves, it can be overcome and is also an incentive to try to pamper that love.
Love is a different emotion, psychological state that comes from personal feelings, joy, happiness. Love attracts the need to be, the bond and it makes two strangers one.