The video below captures traffic on a small mountain road and an incident when a car is moving forward at a junction. Suddenly, a very crowded convoy was ahead, led by a convoy of motorbikes and then a convoy of cars. The green lead car started to signal a left turn, and he stopped the first.

Vehicles in front so that their convoy can turn smoothly and unobstructed. The short video ends, causing viewers to raise many controversies, They condemn criticism of the green car owner’s act of stopping the car and say that he has no such right; everyone shares the road, and it must not have belonged to him and his friends.

Indeed it wasn’t just the car in front that was blocked, but it would drag a group of people after; it was too much trouble. However, Benn still has a few opinions in his defense, and they believe that doing so is to ensure everyone’s safety. There is nothing wrong with the controversial video, and no end.

Some comments from netizens:
“That’s when you pull in front of the Lil bimmer boy blocking and blocking his buddies.”
“I’ve seen this. It’s one reason I think many bike clubs and bikers are self-centered assholes.”
“You have no authority to block traffic for your friends. You have no authority.”
“Blocking traffic is safer because people like Jules will cross the line and kill someone. No brains”