Currently, many people post with a lot of harmful content to attract many people to view, despite all tricks to achieve their goals. Sensitive makes many people anxious and insecure. A recent video was posted about a child sitting on a toy car, and it was going straight down.

From the roof and the car and the baby went straight down and collided with the ground with great force. Many people needed clarification and needed to learn what was going on.
What happened? Why is the child playing on the roof of his family, and why is it so dangerous to let him play alone? Someone has noticed that this is just a game
silly joke of a lover, and the person falling is not a baby; it is a doll that looks like a natural person.

After the video was posted, causing Many people are scared, somewhat angry, but also relieved because, fortunately, it is just a doll; if it is a real baby, what will be the consequences? It is a thing that no one wants to happen.

In addition to condemning the person who staged such a negative sentence, it is also a wake-up call for parents not to be forever obsessed with work.
or love and care for their children more
Some angry comments:
“Why do you do that is not funny”
“Please stop sending such shocking videos to people suffering from high blood pressure.”
“What’s wrong with people? This is a mess.”