Over 70% of accidents are caused by drivers not paying attention. Both subjective and objective factors greatly affect the driver, it is important that you know how

to limit them and focus on driving as much as possible.

Don’t drive after drinking, this is one of those safe driving experiences that we hear about every day, but it’s not easy to do. Please limit drinks with high alcohol

content for the safety of yourself and your family.

Recognizing the signals when participating in traffic, learning to drive, even many drivers “pass” at the same time without paying attention to a small thing, which is

to signal and respond.

How to respond appropriately when participating in traffic. In fact, while driving on the road, it is very important to let others know how you intend to drive.

Use your turn signals, horns, high/low beams, emergency signals… You should only use your horns to warn other drivers of your presence in the event you think they’re going to refuse. . notice that.

” You should not use the horn “extremely”, honking continuously and loudly will startle motorcyclists, possibly causing an accident.

When you want to change direction, you must turn on the turn signal long enough for other vehicles to recognize and handle the situation safely.

When traveling in the city, it is best to lower the driver’s side window a little to hear the surrounding sound signals, this seems simple but has a great effect on helping you drive safer .

Therefore, it is best that you actively give way first, they will not encroach on your way anymore. When running in the street, “give up” is a civilized habit, but

sometimes you also have to be brave to avoid traffic jams, depending on the case, you can come up with a plan to handle it safely. complete. most complete and